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What You Can Do to Solve The Problem of Cash Crunch in Business


There is no end to the capital requirement in business, so to say,  business owners are always on their toes to ensure that there is a smooth flow of cash. There may be so many different business scenarios when business owners feel the heat of restricted cash flow that affects business operations. Not being able to meet the payroll obligations and missing new business opportunities are some of the most common signs of stifled cash flow. Cash is to business what blood is to humans. Any changes in the optimal cash flow rate can cause uneasiness and affect the health of business. However, despite the best efforts and financial planning, it is tough to ensure that there will never be any cash flow problems. Rather, it is easy to plan for encountering the problem effectively that may crop up at the most unexpected moments.

Accepting the fact that cash flow problem is something that business has to learn to cope with, you will find some methods of mitigating it in this article.  The finance based solutions have the aim of providing time and space so that you are able to re-coup your finances. The financing solutions revolve around the types of loans that you can take to improve cash flow, and you can focus on better business management too, that can augment cash flow.

Short-term business loan

Whenever a company experiences cash flow problems, immediate replenishment of funds is a necessity. The sooner you can arrange funds the better it is. Moreover, the amount of money that you need is not very high as compared to big loans for other business needs like expansion or availing new business opportunities.

Keeping these in mind, you realize that the traditional loans from banks and financial institutions will not work for you as it takes much longer time and there is no assurance of approval. When looking for quick loans, you will find that short-term loans for business are quite attractive.  Firstly, it takes only a day to approve these loans, and secondly, the amount of money is also less. The high interest rates on these loans might appear baffling, but if you calculate the total spread, you will find that you pay less than on loans that are with low interest but longer payment terms. The payback period is usually between three to thirty-six months, and if your credit score is above 500, you get the loan easily.

Business line of credit

Often you might not need too much cash immediately but will be comfortable to make provisions for it. For the time being some small sum of money will do. In simple words, you want to create a flexible arrangement that gives you enough to face bigger financial requirements if you need it. In this arrangement, you borrow some small amount now and pay the interest for it just as you do for credit cards while you know that you can get bigger sums when you need it.

Obtaining a business line of credit gives you the arrangement that you are looking for. There is a credit limit, and it is up to you how much you want to avail. As soon as you pay back the credit balance, for which you get 6 months time, the limit springs back to its original value. To avail this arrangement you must have a minimum credit card score of 600, business age must be at least 12 months and turnover must be $100,000.

Take a personal loan

It may so happen that despite your best intentions you are unable to avail any of these because your credit score is falling short of the mark. Instead of being disappointed, turn to some other types of loans like personal loans that can help to meet your requirement of immediate cash. The fastest way to get a personal loan is to drive your car to a title loan company like Bay Area Title Loans and walk out with a loan the same day. Car title loan companies do not consider the credit history, but you have to pledge your car to the lender for which the title of the car must be in your name. The lender will look at your car and evaluate it to assess the value because the loan amount depends on it. The lender places a lien on the car, and as soon as you pay back the loan, you get the car title back.

Review credit terms

To put less stress on the limited cash that you have, turn to your trade partners with whom you have some agreed credit terms. Make efforts to extend the credit period as much as possible so that you get enough breathing time and can re-allocate the cash to other areas instead of paying debtors. This arrangement will give you the chance to enjoy the limited cash for a longer period so that you can utilize it in a better way. How many extensions you are able to get depends on your payment history with your trade partners. If they have the confidence in you, they will not mind accommodating.  This is something similar to the line of credit, but it comes from the partners and not any financial institution, credit union or bank.

Stretch your cash

When cash is scarce, you have to find ways of making minimum use of it. Start making payments by checks as much as possible and use all other credit lines available to you. You can even use credit cards. Make all efforts to see that the maximum cash is always available so that you can use it when necessary. This arrangement ensures that you keep rolling, as you are able to pay your bills on time.

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