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Top 5 Types Of Unconventional Loans You Can Apply For

Our needs today are much different from what they used to be centuries ago. Now, everyone needs a house, car and some occasional leisure to survive. To fulfill these needs, many adults face the need to apply for a loan. These loans are put into two broad categories of conventional and unconventional ones.

Conventional loans are mortgages not insured by a government body such as the Federal Housing Authority or the Veterans Administration. Unconventional loans are the opposite, after fulfilling requirements by government agencies and the lender, they get a loan. These bodies help regulate the process of applying for a loan and make it easier for those who can’t apply for a conventional loan.

So many things have changed the process of applying for a conventional loan yet remains the same. It hasn’t gotten any easier, and the standards to be credible enough are higher than what one can hope to maintain. A reason why many Americans are opting for an unconventional loan is due to not meeting standards that are required to apply for a conventional loan.

These standards include a steady income and an adequate financial history. Foreclosure and bankruptcy are factors that can put0off a potential lender from giving an applicant a conventional loan. These factors are what drew attention towards unconventional loans used for a variety of purposes.

1.      Buying Property

The Federal Housing Authority aims to make affordable housing accessible to everyone by providing unconventional loans to purchase property or real estate. This makes it easier for people that aren’t qualified for a conventional loan due to inadequate finances or a fluctuating employment history. The only requirement that an applicant has to fulfill is with regards to insurance, and if they are in need of a larger amount, they can do so by delivering a larger down payment. This makes unconventional loans to buy a home more attainable for those who possess an imperfect credit history.

Unconventional loans also have an added benefit of being offered by some private lenders. Due to the reason that they are unaffiliated with a bank or such a body, they offer more leniency and flexibility to applicants. They can provide creative and practical solutions because they have the operational freedom to do so. On the plus side, they value the relationship with the applicant which is why they effectively try to implement better strategies based on their experience in the market.

2.      Investing And Building

Many investors are making unconventional loans the first option due to the drawbacks of applying for a conventional loan. Investors would often try to qualify for a conventional loan, but the results were detrimental to business whether they were qualified or not. The long periods before a bank approval would result in a loss of valuable real estate. This is why investors make sure to get an unconventional loan, so they can complete a contract.

Builders have to make a similar decision due to a lack of time. They have to be able to close out a transaction lest their potential buyer would have to wait a long time before the place is given to him. Another reason why builders opt for an unconventional loan is to avoid long waiting periods for bank approval that causes missing deadlines and having to put in extra working hours which are unprofitable to business.

3.      Auto-Title Loans

In emergencies or situations, an auto title loan can be a solution for financial needs when conventional loans aren’t an option. It’s quite simple to get access to an auto title loan, and if you can repay the amount back within a specified time, you get back the title to your vehicle. Understand that you only loan the title of your car, so the benefit is that you can still drive your car. You can receive almost half the amount of your car’s worth in the form of loans and payments will be determined based on a plan.

Those who are interested in getting an auto title loan should remember that lenders have a policy for only giving loans to those who possess full ownership. If you have any remaining payments before owning the title to your car, lenders will be reluctant to provide an auto title loan on such a vehicle.

4.      Home Improvements And Renovation Loans

To apply for a loan for home renovations is a whole different ballgame. This is because; with bad credit statements you’re unlikely to be given a conventional loan for ‘unnecessary home furnishing.’ Often, home renovations are a must to accommodate a new family member or to fix a potentially dangerous flaw in the design.

In this case, there are a variety of different state departments that can provide loans for home improvements and renovations. These include the Federal Housing Authority and Veterans Administration. Each department offers a special loan program that you can apply for, and they have different requirements to prove eligibility. Some common requirements are details about current financial status, background, and location of the property that requires renovation.

5.      Unconventional Loans For Businesses

If your business is just starting out and not profitable enough yet, these circumstances can contribute to being denied a conventional loan if you’re in need of some money. In these situations, small business owners can turn to private lenders to provide a financial solution. Due to lower standards compared to those of commercial banks, private lending firms are turning out to be leading competitors in the market. These lenders can even offer bigger loans that businesses often require.

These various loans prove that there are other options besides conventional loans. Exploring these options can make the whole process a little less daunting. However, it’s always recommended to do your research about interest rates and return policies before taking an unconventional loan. This can prepare you for the journey ahead and help you make the right decision.


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