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How to Select the Right Auto Title Lending Business for Your Needs?

At times, you will find yourself in tough situations where borrowing funds may be the only means to stay afloat; you will need to make plenty of tough decisions in these circumstances. Firstly, you will need to decide how you will borrow the funds. This is where car title loans in San Jose offer a number of benefits compared to other kinds of loans.

For a number of individuals, car title loans in San Jose usually make the most sense due to a variety of reasons and circumstances, particularly when small loans will not cover the needs. However, when you have decided to go for an auto title loan, you should consider which lending business is ideal for your specific needs and requirements. Consider the following factors before you decide on an auto title lending business.

Legal and Licensed

Whenever you have to deal with a competitive industry such as lending, make sure the lending company is adequately licensed in California. For example, car title companies in California are required to lend every borrower a minimum of $2,500 or more, if they want to avoid the cap on smaller loans.

To figure out if the lending company you are considering is following all the laws and is properly licensed, you should visit their website to verify relevant information; you can also search online directories for business licenses. They must have a license to conduct business, which should also be prominently displayed in the office; therefore, you should visit their office in person to see the license as a final step.

Approval Process

Most auto title lending companies have slight differences in their approval process. Although having a healthy credit rating is often not a major consideration for auto title companies, there are a number of other factors that can disqualify you as a borrower. For instance, a few auto title companies may need you to verify your income before borrowing. Others could require that your vehicle have gap insurance as a borrowing prerequisite. You should inquire each lender regarding specific approval guidelines prior to initiating the process.

Obviously, you would like to go for an auto title company that will approve the loan application; however, if you can, choose an auto lender that will not verify your credit score. This is because whenever the company will check your score, your scored will be lowered a little bit. And although some title companies may approve your loan application without verifying your income, always know that loan officers at a local title loan lending business may help you select the right payment plan when they are aware of your budget.

Ratings and Stability

With important matters like finance, it is vital to ensure you deal with an auto title company that is established and stable with a long history of top-quality services to previous customers. If you have to choose between two lenders, go for the one with more experience and more positive online reviews. That being said, you may choose a less-experienced lending company if it is offering better interest rates to establish its business, or if it has better reviews compared to more established and experienced title lenders.

Interest Rates and Fees

The amount you will need to repay at the end will often depend on a number of different considerations. Firstly, it will depend on the amount you have borrowed. In case you require a large sum of money, say, in order to cover a medical emergency, of course the principle amount is going to be higher.

Interest calculation depends on the amount you borrow, and the duration of the loan term. If possible, choose a car title company that offers the longest terms as this would make your individual payments a bit lower. In addition, fees and charges should not exceed thirty percent of the aggregate principle as per California state law. The fees must not be added to your outstanding principle before the calculation of interest.

On a majority of occasions, you would like to choose an auto title company that is offering you the minimum interest rate and fees. At times however, if a local lending company seems more reliable, and is offering you the choice of multiple payment plans with a slightly higher interest rate, it may be better to borrow funds from them, as the overall experience can be more convenient and pleasant.

Payment Term

Finally, it is important to consider the maximum term length in order to choose the most suitable title lender. A majority of car title loans are extended for periods ranging from thirty to sixty days; however, you may come across title companies that allow rollovers without penalizing you; this can extend the loan term to a reasonable duration that you are comfortable with.

In addition, make sure you inquire if you will incur a penalty on early repayment. This is because interest calculation partly depends on the term length, and you can save some money if you pay early as you can save on interest payments that are calculated on your loan in the subsequent months or days.

On the other hand, if your loan term is very short, it would make it more difficult for you to keep up with your regular bills; in this case it is better to walk away if possible. This is because the main benefit of title loans is to make it more convenient and easier to cover your different emergencies without having to give up your entire paycheck. As a result, take plenty of time to search and find an auto title lender that can provide you a desirable loan term so that you can keep your monthly budget on track.


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