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How to Apply For and Receive the Best San Jose Car Title Loans

Car title loans, despite receiving a lot of bad press, are very popular financial instruments. In reality, many people who find themselves in need of some quick cash can depend on a car title loan as the easiest and most accessible way to get money no matter their financial circumstances.

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Car title loans are popular because:

  1. They have a quick and simple approval process
  2. They usually disregard credit history
  3. They are one of the few options for people who cannot access the ordinary banking system

In San Jose, car title loans are not difficult to find. There are several companies that offer car title loans, but the best you are likely to come across is Bay Area Title Loans. The advantages of the Bay Area title loans include:

  • They offer the best interest rates. In fact, the interest rates on their car title loans are often less than half those of their competitors within the Bay Area and San Jose.
  • You can get a car title loan of up to $50,000, which is five times what the standard car title loan company in the Bay Area and San Jose offer.
  • The loan approval process is transparent, very fast and efficient. You can often get your full loan within an hour.
  • Most people can qualify for car title loans because lenders don’t look at your credit score but choose to focus only on the value of your car.

Getting a car title loan

In order to get a car title loan, the process at the Bay Area Title Loans is quite simple as illustrated below.

  1. Go to the Bay Area Title Loans website

Once you log onto the Bay Area Title Loans website, you will notice a very simple form on the home page. On the form, you will fill in your name and contact information (email address and phone number) and select some choices from a few drop downs to give information on your car.

You then simply need to click on the submit button and await your response within a short time.

  1. Fill in all the required paperwork

Once you have filled in the online form on their website, a customer care representative will get into contact with you and send you some documents that you should print and fill in.

The documentation supplied to you is also quite easy to fill in, after which you need to visit the Bay Area Title Loans office with a list of requirements that they will ask of you.

This will include your driver’s license and your cars pink slip. Over all, this process should take you under an hour.

  1. Receive your loan

Once you go to the Bay Area title loans offices near you, you will be received by professional staff that will assess your vehicle to ensure that you made an accurate description.

The customer care representatives will also take time to explain and/or clarify anything that you might not understand when getting the car title loan from them. Usually this process will take about fifteen minutes before they hand you a check for your loan.


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